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Rid yourself of Trichotillomania symptoms faster & easier than ever. So you can live your dream life, pull-free.

We have ONE mission

To offer the most effective hair-pulling solutions on the planet, so that we can help 1,000,000 stop

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How can we help you stop so much faster?

We use a technology specifically designed for Trichotillomania.

It is proven and well-tested, but most therapists have never taken the time to learn it – let alone master it.

And no wonder! Because they work on so much else than just Trichotillomania.

A demonstration of what we can do

In this video you'll find a free exercise you can use to immediately find and weaken your hair-pulling triggers.

It is one of the core exercises we use in our 1-1 work, and we've taken the time to put this together for you to do at home. So that you can get results right now, when you need it most.

Note: This is one of the core exercises in our advanced “Never Pull Again” process, that gets you to stop fast and easily.

What clients say

Past results do not predict future results. Your results may differ.

"I mean, it just worked. On the first day I pulled maybe 80 hairs... just because it was so new. But the second day I pulled just 5 hairs! And now I haven't pulled in several days. I mean... It's just amazing. I can't thank you enough!"

–Man, 35, Pulled For 6 Years

"The biggest thing that is different is that I feel calmer about it. As in, it's not an internal battle of my logical conscious brain saying 'don't to it', and the compulsion behind overriding it.

My brain has felt calmer, and now when I think about it, I just think 'I'm going to be good. It's going to be completely ok not to pull.'"

–Woman, 38, Pulled For 25 Years

"I thought I would never get rid of this nasty habit of mine. And my mom complimented me! That means a lot. I thought: 'Wow, mission accomplished! I need to share that with Andreas.'"

–Woman, 26, Pulled For 16 Years

Your information is 100% encrypted when booking.

The Story Behind the "NPA Method"

"From hair-puller to helping 1,000,000 people stop"

From: Andreas Larsen

April, 2023

Dear hair-puller (i.e. "amazing human who just happens to pull hair"),

I started this company because I used to pull 70+ hairs every day... and I couldn't stop.

In middle school, I had a bald spot the size of a smooth baseball.

My father was furious at me for not being able to stop...

So I’ve been looking for a solution for as long as I can remember.

In 2018 I finally found something that worked... almost by accident.

It was a technology from the 1980s, and I went from years of struggle to stopping in one evening.

When I stopped pulling that fast, I suspected I had found a breakthrough.

But when I shared what I found in a Medium article that now has 43,000+ views...

And started getting tons of email from people getting similar results...

Then I knew I had found a breakthrough.

And that's when I made my big decision.

Because I had pulled since I was a little kid, and didn't find a solution until the 2nd year of my Master's Degree in Business...

And because so few therapists focused on Trichotillomania and used inappropriate treatments...

I decided I would take what I learned in my Master's in Business and use that to develop and spread the best hair-pulling treatments on the planet.

That became the NPA (Never Pull Again) Method.

Our first mission is to help 1,000,000 people stop.

We're not there yet, so I need your help to get there. Yes, yours.

I'm happy to finally meet you.

The first thing I want to say is that you're more than your habit.

And I can't wait to get to know you more, whether through our interactions online, or through 1-1 sessions with us.

Scroll around this site, and see what you like.

If you're looking for the best help for Trichotillomania in the world – that is what we're striving to offer.


P.S. You are just one step away from stopping.

Your information is 100% encrypted when booking.

Join the Movement!

Becoming a "Trich-Fighter" means so much more than just stopping your hair-pulling. It means living the life you truly want, effortlessly.

We are Trich-Fighters.

A Trich-Fighter accepts themself while working on stopping. They don't believe they have to choose one or the other.

A Trich-Fighter realizes their hair-pulling habit formed by accident, and there's nothing wrong with them. They realize hair-pulling does something positive for them, whether it's to reduce stress, not feel bored, or simply to distract themselves from difficult thoughts. And all human beings have small habits to accomplish these things. They just happen to have hair-pulling, instead of smoking, nail-biting, thumb-twiddling, foot-tapping, etc.

A Trich-Fighter realizes that while their brain is great at creating habits, it needs a lot of help to stop them. So they know they need the right tools. And when they have learned those tools, they can control their hair-pulling habit forever, without willpower.

A Trich-Fighter doesn't feel alone, and they make sure others don't feel alone either. They realize hair-pulling is nothing more than a habit – and with the right tools it can be dealt with, or swapped with another habit, without difficulty.

A Trich-Fighter feels confident, free, and in control of themselves. They take charge of their own life, learn the tools they need to control their brain, and they inspire others to do the same.

Also, a Trich-Fighter uses their tools for much more than just stopping. They use them to live the life they truly want. They use them to live their dream life, effortlessly, in control of their brain.

We are Trich-Fighers. Are you?

We need you.

3-5% of people have Trichotillomania sometime during their lives. That means over 240,000,000 people have Trich right in 2023.

Yet it's one of the most lonely and isolating conditions that exists. It's one of the last secrets we admit to our partners, our therapists, and even ourselves.

Our mission is to develop and distribute the most effective hair-pulling solutions on the planet. So we can help 1,000,000 people stop.

But we cannot do that without you.

So use our method; become a Trich-Fighter; live your dream life being pull-free; share your success story; inspire others; and help us help 1,000,000 others just like you.

Your information is 100% encrypted when booking.

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"43,000 Views Later, the Article Is Still Helping Hair Pullers Stop"

Read our flagship article that has gotten 43,000 views from readers with Trichotillomania here.

P.S. Requires a paid membership with

P.P.S. The technique described is only one of many we use - and it may not be the right one for you.

Coming Soon: YouTube

In April 2023 we finally started a YouTube channel!

We're very excited.

As we upload more and more videos, we will share the highlights with you here.

So stay patient. Good things are coming.

Next Steps

If you struggle with hair-pulling, do this.

STEP 1: Try the 30-Second Exercise
If You're Comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden payments in the free session for new clients?

No! The first session is 100% free for new clients, without any hidden payments. So that you can really test drive our process before committing. In an age with more scammers and AI bots than real people we think it's necessary to have a free option for people to test.

What results can I expect?

Our current track record is better than the biggest competitors out there. So we recommend that you look at the past results we have created for clients, and decide for yourself. But remember that past results never guarantee future results, because you may be different.

What do additional sessions cost? After the free session?

Additional sessions are priced at $150 per session, although with our track record we could easily charge more.

For example, if a competitor charges $150 per session and you need 2 sessions a month for 12 months (24 sessions in total), then you would have paid $150*24 = $3600 to stop pulling.

In contrast: Most of our clients stop pulling after 1 free session plus 2 additional sessions (although you may need more). Which means they pay just $150*2 = $300 to stop pulling. That's $3300 less than competitors charge.

So $150 per session is a bargain when it's with us.

Do you recommend seeing a therapist or psychologist while going through your process?

We recommend you do your own research and decide for yourself. But we've had clients who went to psychologists or therapists while working with us, and we've had clients who only worked with us. Both groups have been more than happy with their results. But again, do your own research and only do what you're comfortable with.

Will this work if I've already tried other treatments?

Again, past results do not guarantee future results. But this is our current track record: We've helped people become pull-free who had tried the following things before coming to us.

  • CBT
  • Habit Reversal,
  • Hypnosis,
  • General therapy,
  • Medication,
  • Meditation,
  • Stress balls,
  • Fidget toys,
  • Sitting on their hands,
  • Putting on hand cream,
  • Telling friends and family,
  • Wearing hats, scarves and headcovers,
  • Trying different hairstyles,
  • Cutting the hair short,
  • Identifying when and where they pull,
  • Giving themselves timeframes for pulling,
  • Using the habit bracelet (Keen bracelet / Habitaware),
  • And talking to general psychologists about it.

If you've tried any of these strategies and want to see if our process can finally help you, follow the steps below.